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Retro Gaming in 2021

With the recent releases of next-generation consoles like PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch OLED, which allows you to play best of the best AAA top-quality games with indie games sprinkled in between, most gamers aren’t aware of the humble beginning of commercial gaming in the 1970s and why are they called Retro. Those were simpler times when the game had a very little story and was first launched in Arcades and then would find their way into homes. Most games were platformers and told their story through limited canvas but nonetheless captured our imagination. Now the games have evolved to always online PVP genres that are garnering all the attention of gamers.


It doesn't mean there aren't platformers anymore or heavily storied games are a thing of the past, but what was popular back in the day might not be popular now. But surprisingly, retro gaming has come back with all its strength, which we talk about today.

Retro Gaming Methods

Before we can discuss these methods, you need to understand what Retro gaming is. Retro gaming refers to the following two things:

  1. Games made for 1st generation consoles and Arcade that either had 8-bit polygons or hand-drawn sprites programmed to move around when you moved the joystick.
  2. Newer games with much better-pixilated graphics but made in the style of those retro games having better graphics and better engines they can run on smoothly for the present generation of gamers.

With the advancement of technology, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, etc., had combined the best electronics parts in a streamlined console to give an optimized gaming experience which, compared to Retro game consoles, seems like the future when a game cartridge with MBs of data for games was unheard of. Let’s talk about ways you can play Retro games if you are going down the nostalgic memory lane or curious what the fuss is all about.


Many companies know that older gamers still enjoy their vintage/retro games for a quick bite of entertainment. Hence, numerous first-party and 3rd party vintage consoles emerged where some contained more games than your entire present library, even up to 999 games in a single console.


Newer software can now run retro games natively on most systems, like every console of the past has an emulator on PC that you can run all those games without spending a dime on consoles. Their requirements are pretty low, so they run flawlessly on modern PC. Even mobile phones can run these games through an emulator app installed.


A port means games that run on older systems are coded to run on newer systems, or games that were available only on PS can now be played on PC, mobile, or other consoles and vice versa. These games retained their graphics in all their past glory with a few Quality of Life upgrades and additions.

While remastering a game with better and updated graphics won’t be called porting or retro gaming, but it is a newer way of enjoying the classics.

Why Play Retro Games?

Simply cause they are charming and can be played in quick successions. Also, because if you cant tell a full-fledged story or focus on graphics limited by computing power, the gameplay was the prime focus. Retro games are loved because of their simplistic nature but solid gameplay that requires gamers to be skillful to pass a level or really adept at topping the leaderboard skills.

This pleasant concept has been responsible for the advent of numerous top-quality Metroidvania-like Ori games, DeadCells, Hollow Knights, and excruciatingly difficult Cuphead, among many many other games. These games have modern game engines painted over the retro premise that old and new generations have come to love.

Best Retro Gaming Consoles:

Following are some great consoles that you can play Retro Games on if you want the whole deal instead of an emulator or a port.

  • Super NES Classic
  • SEGA Genesis
  • PlayStation Classic
  • EverCade
  • Atari
  • NES Classic
  • Neo-Geo Mini

Revival of Retro Gaming

Staying at home in pandemic times saw a phenomenal rise in game sales, both in games and consoles. When having more time on hand meant exploring old and new experiences, many gamers turned to nostalgic retro games for fun.

New Generation of Fans

It wasn't just gamers who actually experienced the Retro games time who wanted to enjoy nostalgia; newer gamers are playing retro games because they enjoyed more recent games that had the same formula as retro games. New games like Mario games, Zelda games, both new and remastered, Hollow Knight, Sonic games, etc., were so well made that the newer generation of gamers started enjoying them with their parents, grandparents, older siblings.

Characters and Stories

The charm of characters like Donkey Kong, Sonic, Mario, and Crash Bandicoot is undeniable among a whole class of characters. These games didn't have the depth like Kratos’s storyline in God War games, the story told through 2 Last of Games, or even the Assasin’s Creed series. People fell in love with Zelda and Rachet & Clank because their charm and gameplay were so well done that they still leave their mark on younger gaming communities.

New Take

Like Ratchet & Clank, numerous platformers by top studios and small indie studios have won the heart of millions because of their gameplay and charm. They have also included other game elements with good stories that have more than ever brought back Retro.


The best things are always more straightforward, and so are games; retro gaming has that charm and fun that a lot of newer titles cant capture, and probably that's why they are making such a strong comeback where more recent games push microtransactions and pay to win games models down the consumer's throat leaving a nasty taste in gamer's mouth. Nonetheless, Retrogaming, both vintage, and newer takes, are here to stay. We at Retro Gaming of Denver provide you with the best collection of retro games new and used, and welcome you to the world of Retro Gaming.

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