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Checked out the website while looking for some games. Found a couple NES games I'd been looking for, for a good price, and decided to give them a try. They arrived quickly, very well packed, and fired right up. I'll definitely be doing some more shopping.


After calling about 15 different game stores for a copy of pokemon HG i finally found Retro Gaming of Denver. I asked about the legitimacy of the cartridge with the amount of reproductuons out there and was ecstatic to find Retro Gaming vets their product to make sure you're getting the real deal. The entire experience was pleasant, the knowledge shown dissuaded all concern regarding the purchase, and pickup was quick and readily available.

I'll definitely be using Retro Gaming again in addition to recommending the site to all of my gaming friends.

Ramon De Los Monteros

My wife recently bought me a NES console from retro gaming of Denver and it didn’t disappoint. The customer service is great , they go above and beyond to help.

Mike Munoz

Retro Gaming of Denver is amazing!!! I always thought my favorite games from when I was a kid were just lost to time, that my decades old PlayStation would cost a fortune in time and money to track down and replace. Thanks to Retro Gaming of Denver, in less than a few hours my fiancé and I were able to relive some of our favorite childhood memories and start making some new ones together. It was so easy and quick it’s almost unbelievable. I can’t recommend Retro Gaming of Denver enough to game fanatics, casual enjoyers, and even just 90s babies like us just trying to capture the joy we felt as kids playing Guitar Hero for the first time. We’re instant customers for life. Rock on!

Rose McMurry

Ordered a couple NES titles I'd been looking for. They came in pretty quick, nice and well packed, and worked right from the go. I'll definitely be doing some more shopping here. Couldn't be more pleased.

Cody Schroeder

My order came in as described and was better than I thought. They went out of their way to ensure that my PS3 was safely packaged. I shopped around for other PS3's, but this one was darn near flawless. Plugged it in and fired it up and away with nostalgia I went. A big shout out to Retro Gaming of Denver and their team. Not only great products at great prices, but their staff is willing to answer any questions you may have. I look forward to ordering from them again. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED

Rich Susami

Everything was affordable and in good condition on arrival. It was fun to re-experience the games of my youth!

Jacob C

I received The Super Mario game in a timely manner. The ordering process was smooth but unfortunately I can’t comment on the quality of the game only because I purchased it for my grandson’s birthday so I haven’t opened it but, once I do I will be glad to update my review. His birthday is not until the last of September.

Renee Williams

I spent some time trying to track down a decent Sega CD for awhile. I came across Retro GOD and took a chance on the purchase. I was super excited to find that the console I received was in Excellent condition! Especially for a 30+ year old system. Shipped fast and priced at a generous market value! Plus customer service has been above the norm. Definitely returning.

Gavin Canan

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