Price Match Guarantee Policy

Price Matching Guarantee

You will get the best price on your order – and we guarantee it. If you find one of our products on a different site at a better price prior to purchasing from our online store, we will beat or match there price. Here is how our price match guarantee works:

  • We price match with selected online competitors who are based in and operate in the United States and sell similar products.
  • We do not price match products available on reseller sites like eBay, Amazon, Tiktok, Facebook, Mercari etc...
  • The product for the price match must be an identical product and available for purchase immediately. Products available from another company on pre-order, backorder, or clearance sale are not eligible for the price match guarantee.
  • Products that are on sale are not covered in the price match guarantee.
  • We only Price Match prior to actual Purchase not after said Purchase.

If you find an exact item for sale elsewhere that is lower than our price email us at with the following items.

In the Subject line of your email put the following: Price Match Request, In the body of the email please include the following items.

  • Name of Product - Description if several variants are available
  • Competitors online page of item
  • Your Full Name
  • Your Email Address
  • Your Phone Number

We will process all Price Match Guarantee emails same day and will send you an invoice with the matched price for said item.  You will need to complete the checkout process within 24 hours..