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Q: Payment Methods

We accept all major Credit Cards, PayPal, Shop Pay, Amazon Pay, Venmo, CashApp and Cash for Curbside orders.


Q: Returns and Exchanges

All of our items are guarenteed with a free 1 Year warranty if you have any issues with an item, let us know and we can exchange it for a working one if we have another OR provide full store credit back so you can pick out something else

Check our Return Policies HERE

Shoot us an email and we will get you a prepaid label to send the item back & once it is received you will either get the amount credited to your account or another one shipped out to you.

Q. Availability & Shipment Questions

We provide same-day curbside collection and shipping on all purchases on our website.  Due to the lack of a physical storefront, all purchases must be made via the website.

Items are shipped out Worldwide daily Monday - Saturday.

Out of Stock Items (Please feel free to add items to your Wishlist to be notified when we get them in!)

    Q. Item Conditions


    Item conditions are listed on each of their perspective product pages.
    Any CIB disc games the case may or may not be its original game case nor come with any original Downloadable Content.


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      Order/Item Support


      Light gun or Zapper not Working?


      LCD, Plasma, and Projection televisions are incompatible with light guns and zappers. Only CRT (cathode ray tube) televisions will be compatible.


      Don't know how to set up a system or can't get it to work?


      Along with your order, you can expect detailed setup guides and troubleshooting advice for any system you purchase.


      If you have received an item and are still having issues, please email us or call us click HERE.


        Game not working?


        If a cartridge is malfunctioning, try wiping down the pins and contacts first. A speck of dust or grime might create major problems.
        Use rubbing alcohol (or, in a pinch, some Windex) and a Q-tip to thoroughly clean the component, then insert it into the system, remove it, and clean it again.
        Let it dry for a minute or so and try it again.
        This will fix the issue the majority of the time

        Having an issue with a disc based game?


        Use a soft cloth (ideally microfiber) to remove all fingerprints from the disc.

        If it is a PS2 disc, some blue discs will no longer play in certain PS2 systems; if you purchased the console from us, please contact us and we will arrange for it to be replaced with one that can read blue discs.


        If none of these address the issue you are having, please contact us


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