Our Cleaning & Refurbishing Procedures

This page goes into detail on our internal procedures on cleaning gaming consoles, gaming controllers and video game cartridges along with our refurbishment process of gaming consoles and resurfacing of discs.


Disc Based Items

Each disc is meticulously inspected for any scratches or blemishes; if any are found, the disc is resurfaced with our Echo Master professional resurfacing equipment and then rigorously tested to ensure it plays properly. If a case is included with the disc game the case is cleared of any debris and stickers along with being sanitized.

Resurfaced Discs before and after


 Cartridge Based Items

Each cartridge is disassembled (when practicable) and the case is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized inside and out, followed by a thorough cleaning of the board pins and board itself with BW-100. The cartridge is then reassembled and rigorously tested to ensure proper operation.


Dirty view of N64 Cartridge
Clean view of N64 Cartridge


Gaming Systems

Each gaming console undergoes extensive testing to ensure that it functions as intended. The second step involves disassembling the console, meticulously cleaning its inner components, and replacing any faulty parts, such as swollen or leaking capacitors. The system's outer and inner shells are cleaned, and yellowed shells go through our Retrobright process when possible. All systems with a possessor receive new Arctic MX-2 thermal paste, regardless of their age, with the exception of the PS5 and Xbox Series S/X, which receive Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste.



Each controller is rigorously tested with our Retroverse controller testing equipment and through game play. Once the controller has passed all tests, we disassemble it, thoroughly clean both the inner and outer portions, clean the controller board, and replace any components that appear deteriorated or are not in acceptable condition according to our standards. The controller is subsequently reassembled and retested using our Retroverse controller testing equipment.


When you purchase a gaming system from us, you can be confident that it has been thoroughly inspected, taken apart meticulously cleaned, and refurbished.