Repair Services, Disc Resurfacing, Cartridge Cleaning & Color Restoration


At Retro Gaming of Denver, we know how special some games and movies are. As a purveyor of vintage games, consoles, and movies, we spend our days hunting for these items so that we can help people like you obtain them. If something is rare or has sentimental value to you, it becomes all the more precious. As the years go by, a well-loved disc is bound to collect dust, fingerprints, and scratches. Sometimes the accumulation of these things causes the disc to be unplayable. Not to worry, though! Your friends at Retro Gaming of Denver can help.

Our digital disc repair services are different from home cleaning methods thanks to our professional machines. You have experienced trying to buff scratches out of a disc by hand only to make the matter worse. With our professional machines, problems are not exacerbated by human hands. The complex and delicate information stored on your digital disc is safely passed through our resurfacing machines in order to restore them.

Examples of discs we repair include:

  • Video Games
  • DVD Movies
  • Blu-ray Movies
  • GameCube Games
  • And More!


    All disc's are professionally cleaned and resurfaced with our ECOMaster system, which is one of the best resurfacing machines in the industry.



    # of Discs

    DVD | Blu-ray | Regular Game 


    1 - 5

    $5.99 ea.

    $6.99 ea.

    6 - 10

    $5.49 ea.

    $6.49 ea.

    11 - 20

    $4.99 ea.

    $5.99 ea.

    21 - 30

    $4.59 ea.

    $5.59 ea.

    31 - 40

    $3.99 ea.

    $4.99 ea.

    41 - 50

    $3.59 ea.

    $4.59 ea.

    51 - 100

    $2.59 ea.

    $3.59 ea

    Depending on the quantity of disc's that are being resurfaced in your order the turn around time can be from 1 hour to 1 day.
    ECOMaster disc resurfacing machine


    To start a disc resurfacing ticket with us please email us at and include the following in your email.

    Subject Line: Disc Resurface Request

    Body of Email include the following

    1. Your Full Name
    2. Your Phone Number
    3. Number or Regular Disc's and Number of GameCube Disc's needing resurfaced

    Payment must be paid prior to us starting the Resurface Process.

    Disclaimer for Disc Resurfacing

    We will make a reasonable attempt to repair the customer’s discs to pristine condition, with the following understanding:

    a. Not all discs can be repaired – we cannot repair cracked discs or discs that have been damaged by deep scratches, heat or chemicals.

    b. While most repaired discs will be returned in almost like-new condition, there may be a slight, barely noticeable circular pattern created during the wet sanding process or there may be text labeling near the center ring of the disc worn away. This is normal and cannot be avoided. It should not affect the playability of a repaired DVD, video game, or CD.

    c. While most returned discs will be in substantially better condition than when received, we assume no responsibility for further damage caused by our process. For example, while repairing very deep scratches in a highly damaged disc, it is possible that during the process we may damage the data layer while attempting to remove the deep scratch.

    Professional Disc resurfacing services





    Discolored PlayStation Unit


    Revived PlayStation Unit

    Does your older console suffer from discoloring? The PlayStation, as well as other systems, are made with a plastic containing flame-retardant chemicals to meet safety guidelines. Over time, the plastic will age and discolor both because of these chemicals as well as from the normal heat generated from the product or exposure to light.

    Cost for Color Restoration is $65.00 per Console and $20.00 per Controller.  (Does not include inner component/board cleaning only housing unit - ASK about our Current Special on Combo Color Restoration & Cleaning Service)

    If you need your aging console or controller's case color brought back to life, Retro Gaming of Denver can do so.  To start a Discoloring Restoration ticket with us please email us at and include the following in your email.

    Subject Line: Color Restoration Request

    Body of Email include the following

    1. Your Full Name
    2. Your Phone Number
    3. List of Items needing Color Restoration

    A PayPal Invoice will be sent to the Customer once the items are received by our Color Restoration Department.  Payment must be paid prior to us starting the Color Restoration Process.



    Game Console & Controller Cleaning: We charge $45.00 an hour for complete cleaning services on Official Video Gaming Consoles and Official Gaming Controllers Only.  Please note that if your console is still under warranty, we will not perform this service as it requires opening the console.

    Console & Controller Repair's: Our Diagnostic fee for consoles is $59.99 and $9.99 for Controllers, Our hourly repair rate is $59.00 an hour for consoles and $19.99 an hour for controllers plus parts.  Diagnostic fee is paid at time of receipt of item and not refundable and the total balance is due at time of completion / pickup. 

    To start a repair ticket with us please email us at and include the following in your email.

    Subject Line: Console/Controller Repair Request

    Body of Email include the following

    1. Your Full Name
    2. Your Phone Number
    3. List of Items needing to be repaired, and reasoning for repair i.e no power, disc's wont read

    Once repair is made payment must be paid prior to us releasing the item to the customer.  If the repair balance has not been paid for after 30 days a storage fee of $10.00 per day will be added onto the ticket.



    Are you continuously having to blow in your cartridges to get them to work are the game contacts looking dirty? Let Retro Gaming of Denver take care of the interior and exterior cleaning of your vintage game cartridges, as well as polishing the pins and cleaning the game board for you.Game Cartridge Cleaning Service

    Starting at $7.99 Plus Return Shipping

    (Multi Cartridge Discounts Available)