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Ecco The Dolphin - Sega CD

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Dive into an unforgettable adventure with Ecco The Dolphin for Sega CD! This retro video game will transport you to a world of excitement and danger, where you'll join Ecco, a powerful young dolphin, on a mission to save his family and quite possibly the entire world.

With its stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, Ecco The Dolphin on Sega CD takes the bold adventure of the Genesis game to a whole new level. Leap and dive through incredible sea animations while being enchanted by the magical undersea music and sounds that accompany your journey.

Explore over 30 levels filled with lethal dangers, from frenzied sharks and stinging jellyfish to deadly rip tides. But the challenges don't end there! Travel back in time to battle prehistoric sea creatures, adding an extra layer of excitement and mystery to your quest.

To navigate through this treacherous underwater world, Ecco relies on his unique abilities. Beam out sonar waves to discover hidden routes and solve cryptic messages in crystal Glyphs. Uncover the secrets of the deep by locating the sunken library where these Glyphs hold invaluable knowledge.

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Embark on an epic underwater adventure with Ecco The Dolphin - Sega CD. Get ready to dive in and make a splash!