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  • Front cover view of QIX for Atari 5200
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  • Front cover view of QIX for Atari 5200

Atari 5200

QIX - Atari 5200

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Retro Video Game Name | Retro Gaming Console: QIX - Atari 5200

Item Description: Previously Played

Overall Condition: Great 

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Controls consist of a four-direction joystick and two buttons: "Slow Draw" and "Fast Draw".

The player controls a diamond-shaped marker that initially moves along the edges of the playfield. Holding down one of the draw buttons allows the marker to draw a line (Stix) in unclaimed territory in an attempt to create a closed shape. A captured area is filled with color and points awarded. Areas drawn with Slow Draw (orange-red in the screenshot) are worth double. A life is lost if the Qix touches any part of the line before it is completed.

The marker cannot cross or backtrack along the line being drawn. If the marker stops while drawing, a fuse appears and burns along the line toward the marker; if it reaches the marker, the player loses one life. The fuse disappears once the marker is moved. If the player draws a spiral with no room to move at its center, the fuse is triggered. The attract mode calls this a "Spiral Death Trap."

Sparx are enemies that traverse all playfield edges except unfinished lines. A life is lost if one hits the marker. A meter at the top of the screen counts down to the release of additional Sparx and the mutation of all Sparx into Super Sparx, which can chase the marker along uncompleted Stix.

To complete a level, the player must claim a 75% percentage of the playfield (adjustable to be between 50% and 90%). If a level is completed by exceeding the minimum area percentage, a bonus is awarded for every 1% beyond the threshold.

Starting in level three, the player faces two Qixes. Splitting the playfield into two regions, each containing one Qix, ends the level. No immediate bonus is awarded for this, but a bonus multiplier is applied to the scoring in all subsequent levels. This multiplier starts at two and increases by one for every additional splitting of the Qix, to a maximum of nine. Levels also add additional Sparx and the eventual appearance of only Super Sparx.