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Front cover view of Sesame Street: Cookie's Counting Carnival - Wii

Sesame Street: Cookie's Counting Carnival - Wii

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• Educational fun with Sesame Street characters
• Enhances math skills and problem-solving abilities
• Complete in box with game, cover art, manual & case

Introducing Sesame Street: Cookie's Counting Carnival for the Wii! Dive into a world of educational fun with everyone's favorite furry friends. This complete in-box game, previously played, is in great condition, ready to bring joy to your little one's gaming adventures.

Join Cookie Monster and his Sesame Street pals in an exciting carnival filled with numbers, counting, and learning. With engaging gameplay and interactive activities, this game is designed to make learning math skills a blast!

• Explore a colorful carnival: Step right up and immerse yourself in a vibrant carnival atmosphere, complete with thrilling rides and exciting games. Your child will love the lively visuals and cheerful characters that bring the Sesame Street world to life.

• Counting made fun: Help Cookie Monster and his friends count their way through various challenges, from sorting cookies by shape and color to matching numbers and patterns. This game is a fantastic tool to enhance your child's counting and number recognition skills.

• Educational and entertaining: Sesame Street: Cookie's Counting Carnival combines the beloved characters of Sesame Street with educational gameplay. Your child will have a blast while developing essential math skills, problem-solving abilities, and hand-eye coordination.

• Authentic and tested: Rest assured, all our items are tested (if not new) and authentic. We take pride in offering quality products that meet your expectations. If you have any questions about this game or any other products in our store, our friendly team is here to assist you.

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Bring the magic of Sesame Street into your home with Sesame Street: Cookie's Counting Carnival for the Wii. It's time to unlock the power of learning through play!

• Engaging gameplay and interactive activities make learning math skills a blast
• Vibrant carnival atmosphere brings the Sesame Street world to life
• Enhances counting and number recognition skills while having fun