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Front cover view of SSX for Xbox 360

SSX - Xbox 360


Introducing SSX for Xbox 360 - the ultimate retro gaming experience!

Get ready to shred the slopes and conquer the mountains in this adrenaline-pumping snowboarding game. SSX combines heart-pounding action, stunning graphics, and addictive gameplay to deliver an unforgettable gaming adventure.

This previously played copy of SSX for Xbox 360 comes without a manual, but don't worry, the fun is all there! Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of extreme snowboarding as you tackle treacherous slopes, perform gravity-defying tricks, and compete against friends in exhilarating multiplayer modes.

With no other issues and a great overall condition, this game is ready to be enjoyed right out of the box. Each item in our store, including this SSX game, has been meticulously cleaned and tested to ensure optimal performance and 100% authenticity.

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Don't miss out on the chance to relive the excitement of SSX on your Xbox 360. Grab your controller, strap in, and prepare for an epic snowboarding adventure like no other. If you have any questions about this product or any other items in our store, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Get ready to hit the slopes and experience the thrill of SSX today!