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Sega Genesis

Wacky Worlds Creativity Studio - Sega Genesis - (GAME ONLY)

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Retro Video Game Name | Retro Gaming Console Name: Wacky Worlds Creativity Studio - Sega Genesis

Overall Condition: Great

Item Background: Cartridge Only (Previously Played)

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Wacky Worlds Creativity Studio is a video game for the Sega Mega Drive developed by HeadGames and published by Sega released in 1994 under the Sega Club line for younger children. In it, the player has a choice of six different Wacky Worlds in which they can place animated "stickers", creating a two-dimensional diorama, of sorts. Among the Worlds are an underwater scene, a scene inside a house, a jungle, and the Moon.

This game is a Sonic the Hedgehog series property, as the titular character appears on the cover of the box. Sonic also pilots the flying saucer that is used to choose a Wacky World to play in. He also appears in a small portrait sticker for the default sticker book in the house scene. Miles "Tails" Prower and Ecco the Dolphin appear on the box of the game as well.