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  • Front cover view of Tommy Lasorda Baseball for Sega Genesis
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  • Front cover view of Tommy Lasorda Baseball for Sega Genesis

Sega Genesis

Tommy Lasorda Baseball - Sega Genesis - (GAME ONLY)

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Retro Video Game Name | Retro Gaming Console Name:  Tommy Lasorda Baseball - Sega Genesis

Overall Condition: Great - Cartridge Only

Item Background: Previously Played

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Tommy Lasorda Baseball is a baseball game where players compete in matches against AI-controlled opponents or other players in single exhibitions, open matches or a 30-game season. A password system enables players to take their team through a season in the World Series and keeps tracks of other teams in the league. The 26 teams featured in the game uses all their real-life city names but statistics and player names are fictional.

Although it follows the same gameplay as with other baseball titles at the time and most of the rules are present as well, the game opts for a more arcade-styled approach of the sport instead of being full simulation. During gameplay, players must hit a pitch, reach any base safely, pitch a strike, getting an AI player out or retiring the AI's side to end an inning. The game ends when a team has scored more runs than the other at any time.

Outside of gameplay, players must manage the abilities of batters and pitchers;  Batters are rated based on batting average, home runs, running speed, fielding and throwing. Pitchers are rated based on earned run average (ERA), curve-throwing ability, stamina, top throwing speed, and the distance a hit pitch will travel. A pre-game difficulty setting makes the game biased either towards the pitcher, batter, or an equal game of skill between pitcher and batter. Players can also decide if there will be fielding errors or how environmental hazards such as wind will affect the ball.