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  • Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood - PC - Item is New in its original manufacture packaging.  Great Condition
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  • Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood - PC - Item is New in its original manufacture packaging.  Great Condition


Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood - PC - (NEW)

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Game Name | Console: Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood - PC

Game Background: Item is New in its original manufacture packaging.

Condition: Great 

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The gameplay and quest structure of Stormblood largely match that of its base game. As with many MMORPGs, players interact with each other in a persistent world that responds to their actions. A dramatic overhaul of the battle system accompanies the level cap increase to level 70. The changes fall into three broad categories First, battle abilities were redesigned to eliminate redundant actions and improve the flow of combat. Second, a new set of "role actions" ensures that all players can access critical abilities to their role—tank, healer, or damage dealer. Finally, all classes gained a "Job Gauge" that displays all class-relevant information in a more visually distinct way. Two new job classes were introduced as well—the katana-wielding Samurai and the versatile Red Mage, both damage-dealing classes. These jobs begin at level 50 with their own storylines connected to the new settings. Unlike Heavensward, they are accessible to any player with a level 50 class, regardless of story progress.

In addition to new dungeons and raids, Stormblood introduces a new player versus player (PvP) mode called Rival Wings. Two teams of 24 players face off in goblin-run war games. Points are earned by destroying opposing bases and robot minions. Players are able to call down and pilot giant mecha after achieving certain objectives. The mode has been compared to multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games.

Finally, a new area called "The Forbidden Land, Eureka" debuted with Patch 4.2. Its gameplay is inspired by "old school" MMORPGs, including Final Fantasy XI and others. In Eureka, players must use an elemental wheel to exploit monsters' weaknesses and increase their own Elemental level. Unlike the rest of the game, players lose experience points if defeated and can even "Level Down". Later sections of Eureka permit the use of Logos Actions, which are unique spells and abilities that players craft using materials found in the zone Eureka culminates in a high tier raid called the Baldesion Arsenal that challenges 56 players to work together to overcome it. 

  • Customer must have Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn to play Stormblood
  • Increased level cap up to level 70
  • New Jobs – Red Mage and Samurai
  • New Beast Tribe and Primal
  • New Alliance Raid