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Nintendo Switch

LEGO The Incredibles - Nintendo Switch

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Game Name | Console: LEGO The Incredibles - Nintendo Switch

Item Background: Item is New and its original manufacture packaging

Condition: Excellent

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The gameplay is very similar to the previous Lego installments, with puzzles designed for younger players, various waves of fighting enemies and two-player cooperative gameplay. The game allows the player to control various super-heroes and villains alike from both films (including supers that have appeared in neither film but are listed in the National Supers Agency database in the special features of The Incredibles' DVD release), each with their own special abilities and superpowers. For example, Mr. Incredible has super-strength and invulnerability, Elastigirl can shape her body in many ways, Violet can turn invisible and create force fields, Dash can run at incredible speeds, and Jack-Jack has a large variety of powers, just like in the films, such as turning into a human torch, telekinesis and teleportation, to name a few. The game also includes various characters from other Pixar films, such as Flik from A Bug's Life, Merida from Brave, Lightning McQueen from Cars and Woody from Toy Story.

The open-world of the game is set in two fictional cities, Municiberg and New Urbem, which are situated very close to each other. Apart from the typical gold bricks puzzles, quests and challenges, the game adds a new feature called the Crime Wave, where the player travels to a specific area of one of the cities which is under assault from a super-villain and their minions. The player must complete all the quests given by the people in the area to complete the Crime Wave. Usually, the final quest involves defeating the super-villain. There are ten Crime Waves in total and five super-villains to defeat: three from the films (Bomb Voyage, the Underminer, and Syndrome) and two original characters, exclusive to the game (the Brainfreezer and Anchor-Man). Like other Lego titles, Lego The Incredibles allows players to create their own custom character with different powers and abilities.

The game received a single downloadable content pack, "Parr Family Vacation", which adds the Parr family and Lucius in vacation clothes to the character roster.