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System view with 2 OEM controllers with Sega Genesis Model 1 Console - Sega Genesis
System and Controller/pad view of Sega Genesis Model 1 Console - Sega Genesis
Aftermarket 6 button console for Sega Genesis Model 1 Console - Sega Genesis

Sega Genesis Model 1 Console - Sega Genesis


Retro Gaming Console Name: Sega Genesis Model 1 Console - Sega Genesis

Model Number: 1601

Item Background: Previously Played

System Includes: Sega Genesis Model 1 Console, Controller(s), Power and AV Connectors

Other Issues: None

Overall Condition: Great 

All Systems have been thoroughly cleaned and tested and works as intended.

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THE NEW GENERATION IN VIDEO ENTERTAINMENT 16-BIT POWER From SEGA - A World Leader in Video Arcade Entertainment Only Sega, the master of arcade entertainment could introduce Genesis, a superior dimension in home video entertainment. Sega, the creator of today's most innovative arcade hits like Afterburner, Out-Run, Altered Beast, Thunder Blade and Zaxxon has unleashed the power of Genesis for unmatched playing power. 16-Bit - For Vivid Graphics and Realistic Sound Never before has 16-bit power been put to play in a home video game system. Until Genesis. Now the same 16-bit technology found only in arcade games and sophisticated computers, can produce high definition graphics and true sounds that bring games to life. 16-Bit - The Ultimate Dimension In Game Play New dimensions in sight, sound and experience are brought to life by the power of 16-Bit. The thrill of the arcade is brought home with the simulation games that put you in the cockpit. Opponents come alive in challenging sports competitions. And dangerous adventures put you on the edge of your seat with real and menacing foes.